“Written representations are received by AGC on a daily basis from lawyers acting for accused facing criminal trials and appeals. Hence, there was nothing sinister about the sending of representations by Riza’s solicitors. Whether I personally acted in agreeing to their request for a discharge is an altogether separate issue. I did not. It is as plain and simple as that.” – Tommy Thomas

“So, DAP was demonised until there were Malays who became so afraid of them. The Malays and the Malay government who dared to fight against the British, the great powers of the IMF and the World Bank are now afraid of DAP, afraid of being crushed by DAP. Afraid of Guan Eng. The Malays are afraid of Guan Eng.
Where did this coward come from? Who do they seek protection from? From Najib? From a rogue Malay Muslim government?
There is a saying, that even if he is a criminal, he is a Malay. While he was leader, did he protect the Malays? Did he lose because he was protecting the Malays?” – Dr Mahathir Mohamad