EMBATTLED Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is down to his last card – proposing a dissolution of parliament in order for snap elections to be held.

The controversial Bersatu president whose legitimacy as Prime Minister is at the mercy of a no confidence vote in parliament and a possible counter-coup by the opposition bloc.

Sources from within Muhyiddin’s ruptured Bersatu party reveal a three-day brief was held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya last week, attended by division and Srikandi wing chiefs.

“His brief was slanted towards that – snap elections. And the division chiefs are getting prepared, although what lies ahead for Bersatu itself is up in the air,” said one chief.

Muhyiddin’s next step might depend on the Pakatan Harapan Plus coalition’s next move, apparently set top be announced after a meeting at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat headquarters that began at 3pm today.

Pakatan Harapan, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s 5-seat bloc, Warisan-Upko and some yet-to-be-identified members of parliament said to be independents and some from Muhyiddin’s Perikatan Nasional loose coalition, have hinted they have sufficient numbers to overthrow Muhyiddin via statutory declarations of support.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim announced yesterday that the coalition has confirmed support of 107 MPs, not including others from outside the coalition.

Muhyiddin rose to Prime Minister following a controversial political coup on March 1, which saw him lead Bersatu’s exit from the PH coalition, causing the split with the Dr Mahathir camp, along with 10 rogue PKR MPs, to form the loose Perikatan Nasional coalition with Umno-led Barisan Nasional, PAS and with support from Sarawak’s GPS.

Umno have since been harping on the loose coalition being a stop-gap measure that would keep Muhyiddin in power until the next general elections are called, with the party being upbeat of their chances to secure victory should it be expedited.

Muhyiddin’s legitimacy however, has been in question from the moment he took his oath as Prime Minister, with as yet uncertain numbers in support of him. As such, parliament sitting has been manipulated while efforts to secure support have been ongoing.

Muhyiddin’s lack of majority seems to be evidenced by the continued push to coax crossovers from the opposition bloc, the latest being highlighted by Warisan president and Sabah chief minister Shafie Apdal yesterday, in which he sounded the alarm over approaches made by PN to coax Lahad Datu MP Mohammadin Ketapi to support the ruling coalition.

“They do not have the numbers. If they do then why are they still trying to buy over Warisan MPs,” asked Shafie, who also sounded out the use of intimidation tactics through trumped up corruption charges against Warisan leaders after deputy president Peter Anthony was charged over a money laundering case from 2014, despite a settlement reached.

Bets are on Muhyiddin to throw in the towel by proposing a dissolution of parliament, bringing about a snap elections, should PH Plus confirm their move to unseat him today.

The opposition bloc meanwhile, would decide among others their candidate for Prime Minister should a move materialise, with Tun Dr Mahathir seeking a third term in the seat, which would put PKR president Anwar’s ascension on hold despite Pakatan Harapan holding a 91-seat advantage within the bloc.

Following is the fourth voice recording that went viral in the past week, where a voice resembling Muhyiddin is heard reading out the game plan towards wresting Putrajaya from Pakatan Harapan via the political coup. The voice states the move would be empowered by SDs from 133 MPs and that the Yang diPertuan Agong was aware of their plans

Following the move however, Muhyiddin seems to have lost at least 18 seats.