JOHOR Baru member of parliament Akmal Nasir today added the question of why Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin had deleted postings related to an RM1 million donation from a company initially blacklisted by her own ministry.

“Media reports suggest the related pictures were uploaded to Zuraida’s own social media platforms before being deleted,” said Akmal, who is also KEADILAN youth chief.

Akmal yesterday exposed Zuraida for receiving the RM1 million donation on behalf of an NGO, Penggerak Komuniti Nasional, of which she is patron, from a real estate firm ECK Development Sdn Bhd (ECKDSB), on May 7, when the company was stated as blacklisted on her ministry’s website.

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin all dressed up and ready to contain Covid 19.

This had raised concerns over conflict of interest, especially since it involved Pengerak Komuniti Nasional comprising all ex-PKR MPs who were part of the political coup of which the current Perikatan Nasional government is a consequence.

“The question is, why were those postings deleted? Is there something that needs to be hidden?” asked Akmal, who also highlighted further unscrupulous behavior following the expose.

“Earlier ECKDSB had been blacklisted due to failure to settle compounds up to May 8. However, the Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) website yesterday (May 14) had been updated on May 15, which is today. This shows the company no longer on the list of blacklisted companies.

“How was ECKDSB removes from that list on a new document pre-dated to May 15, but aired a day earlier yesterday?,” asked Akmal.

Akmal Nasir

Akmal went on to expose further shocking revelations that Zuraida had been meeting with ECKDSB since a year ago, including links to rogue Kedah assemblyman Azman Nasrudin, who had this week announced his departure from PKR to team up with Perikatan Nasional in Kedah.

Zuraida (centre) with the ECKDSB management to he right and Kedah assemblyman Azman Nasrudin to her left during an official visit on July 14 last year.

“According to that posting, the meeting was for a briefing by ECKDSB and was included as an item on the Minister’s official visit on July 14, 2019,” said Akmal.

“Based on the presence of Lunas assemblyman Azman Nasrudin, who recently announced his betrayal of KEADILAN, the meeting is suspected to have happened in Kedah,” said Akmal, pointing out that the same individuals representing ECKDSB were also spotted presenting the RM1 million mock cheque to Zuraida on May 7.

He said this raised the question as to whether Zuraida actually has a relationship with ECKDSB and that her presence to officially receive the RM1 million donation from the company was not merely a symbolic affair.

“Doesn’t receiving donations on behalf of an NGO which you are patron of, from a company that is an interested party which has previously engaged with the minister in her line of duty, highlight the presence of a conflict of interest?” asked Akmal.

Akmal stressed that he had initially planned to table these questions in Parliament which was supposed to convene on May 18, but was forced to publicise the matter via other means due to the parliament sitting being void of debate nor a question and answers session.

“I would also like to urge the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) to take this matter seriously and initiate a swift investigation,” said Akmal.

Akmal launched an attack on Zuraida yesterday after discovering the irregularities. Yesterday’s report on the matter:

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