Zuraida bungles again with RM1 million donation from company blacklisted by her own ministry!

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin was today asked by PKR youth chief Akmal Nasir to explain herself after being exposed for alleged abuse of power in receiving on behalf of her NGO an RM1 million donation from a company currently blacklisted by her ministry.

Akmal in a statement today also urged the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the Ampang member of parliament’s involvement.

Zuraida had posted on her Instagram pictures of the function where on May 7 she received an RM1 million mock cheque from ECK Development Sdn Bhd to Penggerak Komuniti Negara (PKN), an NGO featuring all 11 of the rogue PKR MPs who were part of the Sheraton Move that resulted in the political coup that of which the current government is a consequence.

Zuraida has since deleted all related postings from her social media.

Zuraida is under fire again.

“The RM1 million donation is said to have been handed personally by ECK Development Sdn Bhd’s managing director. Is it true that Zuraida herself was present and received the mock cheque herself?” asked Akmal, who also posted screenshots of Zuraida’s deleted posting on his Facebook page as reference.

“PKN was prior to the known as Penggerak Muafakat Nasional, which used the ZK logo (Zuraida’s logo). It was purportedly an NGO which does welfare and charity work, but is also a platform for the members of parliament who have betrayed KEADILAN,” said Akmal, adding that this was obvious from the postings on social media pages related to the so-called NGO.

Akmal, however, stressed that Zuraida has to explain herself over the conflict of interest that arose from this issue, more so when an NGO which carries out her political work received a million ringgit donation from a real estate developer.

“It is even more tragic when checks on the Housing and Local Government Ministry’s own website show that ECK Development Sdn Bhd is among the companies that have failed to settle their compounds up to May 8, 2020,” said Akmal.

The ministry’s website also showed that the company was blacklisted by Zuraida’s own ministry, raising questions over the significance and intent behind the donation.

“Zuraida has to come forward and explain to the Malaysian people whether the PKN NGO had received the RM1 million donation from ECK Development Sdn Bhd,” said Akmal.

“At the same time, I urge the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) to monitor this issue and urgently investigate the matter.”