AS the Pakatan Harapan Kedah state government under his son Mukhriz Mahathir crumbled today, former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today sounded out the Malays over their willingness to accept rogue leaders and betrayals of their mandate.

In a 29-point posting on his blog chedet.cc, Dr Mahathir wrote of the rich history of brave Malays who opposed the British and rejected the Malayan Union, opposed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) takeover of the economy and refused the World Bank’s involvement in its debt crisis, and questioned how these Malays were now so terrified of DAP.

This was a response to the constant demonising of Pakatan Harapan coalition partner DAP as a chauvinist Chinese party with an anti-Islam and anti-Malay agenda.

Dr Mahathir questioned the fear mongering of DAP secretary general and former Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, who was often slandered with accusations of corruption and anti-Malay, anti-Islam agendas, none of which have been justified with facts, nor criminal prosecution.

The Langkawi member of parliament hinted the demonising of DAP was simply a strategy to deflect the Malays’ attention away from the wrongdoings of former Prime Minister Najib Razak and his allies, painting them as a savior from the purported destruction being planned by DAP.

This comes six days before the much anticipated May 18 parliament sitting where Dr Mahathir’s proposal for a motion of no confidence on Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has been accepted by Dewan Rakyat speaker Mohd Ariff Yusof.



  1. I am very embarrassed when many Malays believe DAP will destroy us if it is allowed to be in the government.
  2. Yes. I admit that the Malays have many weaknesses. They are not successful in business and enterprise. We find too many poor Malays, who are involved in drugs, certain crimes and corruption. In prison, there are many Malay prisoners.
  3. But are the Malays so weak that a political party can disintegrate them?
  4. Yes. We were colonised by the British. But the country as big as India was occupied by the British too. We (the Malay states) were not captured by the British, although Malacca fell to the Portuguese and then the Dutch.
  5. We invited the British to advise us in the field of administration. But like everywhere else. The British took over the administration as if we were colonised by them.
  6. After World War II, the British returned to Malaya and planned to really make the Malay states their own. They proposed to set up a Malayan Union directly administered from Whitehall, London. The Malay rulers would have only been administrators of the Islamic religious affairs and Malay customs. MacMichael forced the rulers hand over their land to the British.
  7. There was no negotiation with the Malays at all. But we know, the Malays woke up and opposed the Malayan Union. Simply put, the British, a new world power that won the war had to bow to the Malays, the Malayan Union had to be canceled only two years after it was declared.
  8. The British thought it was easy to take the Malay states as they did to Palestine, to be given to Israel. The attempt to seize the Malay states, to actually destroy the Malays failed. It failed because the Malays were against it.
  9. Perhaps now there are Malay cowards. But the Malays before were brave. Following the rejection of the Malayan Union, the Malays demanded independence. Malay youths claimed independence in 1957. The British agreed independence to be granted in 1959.
  10. But the Malays pushed and set independence in 1957. And 1957 became the date of independence. They tried to impose many conditions but the Malays refused.
  11. When the British flew the Concorde aircraft without permission from Malaysia, a Malay-led government introduced a policy of “Buy British Last”. We bought the British Guthrie Company in a “Dawn Raid” that has never been performed in any country in the world. All colonial companies were bought by Malaysia as directed by Malay leaders.
  12. Likewise with other great powers. Usually every new leader of a small country, when appointed, will seek audience with the President of the United States. We did not. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, who became Prime Minister in 1981, only visited the United States three years after being appointed despite the US ambassador’s efforts to get an appointment after the new Prime Minister of Malaysia took over.
  13. The leaders of the Malaysian Malays often criticised the big powers when they did injustice to poor countries. It was vocal leaders of the Malays who rebuked and voiced out malpractice by the great powers in Israel.
  14. Attempts were made by rogue currency traders to convince the Malay-led government to beg for help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. These bodies offered loans in exchange for the Malaysian economy to be placed under them.
  15. We rejected. We created our own methods of solving the Ringgit’s value depreciation. And even global financial experts said we were heading towards bankruptcy. But no. We recovered quickly even though the leaders of Malaysia were Malay, with a Malay administrative machinery.
  16. And there were many more events that pointed to the fact that Malays are not easily destroyed.
  17. But the Malays can be destroyed. They will be ruined if they allow rascals to become leaders. Such leaders, even if they are Malay, will destroy the Malays.
  18. We formed a Malay party to champion the fate of the Malays. The party succeeded; succeeded in defeating the British, achieved independence, developed the country and became an Asian Tiger.
  19. This party had never lost. But on May 9, 2018, this party lost.
  20. Why? Because this privileged party had a bandit as leader. I’m not trying to replicate what this rogue leader did. From a respected country, it became a kleptocracy – a country ruled by thieves.
  21. Hence this party was destroyed because its members were readily corrupted and no longer prioritised the struggle of the Malays.
  22. So, DAP was demonised until there were Malays who became so afraid of them. The Malays and the Malay government who dared to fight against the British, the great powers of the IMF and the World Bank are now afraid of DAP, afraid of being crushed by DAP. Afraid of Guan Eng. The Malays are afraid of Guan Eng.
  23. Where did this coward come from? Who do they seek protection from? From Najib? From a rogue Malay Muslim government?
  24. There is a saying, that even if he is a criminal, he is a Malay. While he was leader, did he protect the Malays? Did he lose because he was protecting the Malays?
  25. “Tepuk dada, tanya selera” (Malay proverb signifiying the need to be honest to one’s self). IS playing golf with Trump a testament to his ability to protect the Malays?
  26. Malay Youth first opposed the British. Never afraid. Do the youth who support Najib seek protection from Najib? Have you become cowards?
  27. I’m embarrassed. Very embarrassed.
  28. Apparently there are Malays who are so terrified of DAP that they are willing to betray the people’s mandate given to them.
  29. DAP will not destroy the Malays, but the Malays will be destroyed because the Malays choose a rogue as a leader.


12th May, 2020