JUST a day after medical supplies firm Science Valley Sdn Bhd posted a letter that appeared to be from South Korean Covid 19 test kits manufacturer SD Biosensor, another company seems to have received shipment which puts into dispute claims made by the former yesterday.

Science Valley had yesterday posted on its Facebook page a letter carrying the signature stamp of SD Biosensor president Hyo Keun Lee, which stated that it was the exclusive distributor of SD Biosensor Covid 19 antigen and IgM/IgG combo rapid test kits since 2016.

Covid 19 or the corona virus disease, was discovered in 2019.

The company receiving the shipment of SD Biosensor test kits today is SEND Network Sdn Bhd, who in turn state they are the authorised dealer for the products in Malaysia!

Following is Science Valley Sdn Bhd’s appointment letter issued with the stamp of SD Biosensor president Hyo Keun Lee.

Science Valley have delivered a shipment of 500,000 antigen rapid test kits to the Health Ministry last week, although sources have been recorded as stating the manufacturer had ceased production of the antigen kits since March 1 to focus production on antibody and the IgM/IgG combo.

Medical experts have been voicing concern over the depleting supplies of test kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontliners engaged in battle with the Covid 19 pandemic since last month.

However, several procurement blunders have appeared to rock the Health Ministry, while the sourcing of test kits continues to become and issue as a number of industries resumed full operations on May 4.

**More to follow.