Medical supplies firm Science Valley Sdn Bhd, who last week, admitted they were the exclusive distributor of South Korean-made SD Biosensor Covid 19 antigen rapid test kits and Igm/IgG combo tests sought by the Health Ministry, have today posted a letter from the manufacturer clarifying the authenticity of their products.

The letter, signed by SD Biosensor president Hyo Keun Lee, also states that the company had been appointed as distributor of these products since 2016 and have been supplying the health ministries of many countries including Malaysia.

Science Valley had on May 8, lodged a report with the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) against this page, claiming that reports made by this page were fake news.

We thus carry this report as a correction to any related facts that may have come in question.

However, we shall continue to pursue matters pertaining to the supply (or lack of) personal protective equipment (PPE), Covid 19 test kits and other vital equipment as highlighted to us by medical practitioners and frontliners in the nation’s battle against the Covid 19 pandemic, including the above matter.