IT has come to our attention, that a company by the name of Science Valley Sdn Bhd has lodged a police report and a report with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) over some of our articles.

Before we proceed, we wish to stress to Science Valley, the police and MCMC that although our style of reporting may seem casual, we retain journalistic ethics in evidence-based reporting, more so in an issue of such gravity.

As such, without fear, we stand by the questions raised through our reporting and will not hesitate to execute our rights in accordance to the law of our country as well.

Firstly, we wish to thank Science Valley Sdn Bhd for identifying themselves as the suppliers engaged to deliver the SD Biosensor antigen rapid test kits to the Ministry of Health.

Secondly, as we also know, Science Valley is not the exclusive distributor (as per your earlier Facebook postings which claimed so) of Covid 19 antigen, antibody or any other life-saving products under the SD Biosensor brand. We have documentary evidence to back this claims.

Thirdly, as per evidence in a voice recording presented in our earlier report, we wish to note that SD Biosensor themselves stated that they had not been producing antigen RTK since March 1, and yet there was a supply of these items to the Health Ministry.

We wish to encourage the supplier of these items to come clean, possibly via a public statement to clarify where they had obtained these items, as they are vital items used in possibly life-threatening situations against Covid 19.

The safety of our fellow-Malaysians is our utmost concern, thus since Science Valley have identified themselves as the supplier of the 50,000 antigen rapid test kits to the Health Ministry last week, we urge Science Valley to clarify where they had obtained this supply from through a public statement.

We shall include the video evidence again for your kind perusal:

Should Science Valley fail to provide any response to this through an explanatory posting on their Facebook page, we shall ourselves consider submitting reports to the authorities based on all the evidence we have compiled on this matter.

Again, we wish to remind Science Valley to kindly note that our reporting is evidence-based, we welcome and accept criticism of our views and we are willing to go all the way to expose and defend the truth in its entirety.