THE Governance and Integrity Organisation (GRIT) have warned the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) over possible maneuvers to cover up the crisis procurement scandal within a ministry, of which investigations were launched yesterday.

Its chairman S. Gobi Krishnan in a statement today said the NGO had received complaints from civil servants within the ministry of a possible move to cover up the scandal, including scapegoating officers within certain departments.

“We have received complaints from officers in the Administrative and Diplomatic Services (ADS/PTD) who are attached to the procurement department of the Ministry of Health Malaysia over the existence of planned efforts by certain quarters to scapegoat and shift the blame over this graft scandal to ADS officers,” said Gobi.

“I urge the MACC to investigate this case transparently without fear or favour and not be afraid of pressure from politicians.”

S. Gobi Krishnan

It was reported yesterday the MACC began investigations into a  RM30 million contract to supply mass testing laboratory systems to the ministry, said to involve a real estate company not qualified to carry out medical services.

“I also hope the Administrative and Diplomatic Services Association (ADSA/PPTD) headed by president Dato Dr Ahmad Jailani Muhamed Yunus to play its role to protect these civil servants from being made scapegoats,” said Gobi.

“As a former ADS officer myself, I to am affected by these worrying revelations. The MACC as such have to also swiftly provide confirmation or denial over allegations that there were senior officers in the Health Minister’s office, including UMNO leaders who were arrested to assist in investigations, as is being said on social media,” said Gobi.

Several government crisis procurement deals have hit the spotlight in the past month as documents leaked on social media showed some worrying discoveries, including a rejected RM24 million shipment of personal protective equipment (PPE) from China which was deemed unsuitable by the Health Department for use by frontliners battling Covid 19.

The MACC is yet to issue a follow-up statement on this matter, although Health Minister Adham Baba yesterday confirmed that his ministry would provide full cooperation to MACC’s investigations.