A MEGA question that’s being shared at lightning pace across social media at the moment is about where Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s daughter Nurul Hidayah had retrieved statistics which showed 9 out of 10 Muslims in Malaysia were murtads or apostates.

This comes at a time when citizens across the country are highlighting question marks behind the double standards in law enforcement as hundreds of regular citizens have been rounded up and arrested for breaching Movement Control Order (MCO) regulations.

This is while government ministers, deputies, their representatives and VIPS, and now even their children’ are seen blatantly breaching the same regulations and proudly posting images from such gatherings on social media.

Nurul Hidayah Ahmad Zahid had on Monday caused a stir after uploading to Instagram pictures of her visit to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (religious affairs) Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al Bakri at his office in Putrajaya, amidst heightened uproar over VIPs flouting Movement Control Order (MCO) directives.

She had earlier also met with Deputy Minister of Environment Ahmad Masrizal Muhammad.

Following public uproar over the matter, Nurul Hidayah explained her visit as “official duty” to discuss with Zulkifli matters pertaining to remedial programmes for apostates and LGBT, although in her posting below wrongly stated as “TGBL”. The posting was later deleted.

Nurul’s controversial Instagram post which stated 9 out of 10 Muslims were apostates.

Following is the English translation of her posting:

Do you know that 9 out of 10 Muslims have become apostates?

I don’t know about you, but for me the issue of apostates which I highlighted to the those at the top is very critical.

There are those who told me “Alaa, what’s the big deal with apostates and ‘TGBL’, you can wait until after the #MCO.

I want to ask you. Do we know when we are going to die? When the angel of death comes, can we say, “Wait… wait… there are still issues I need to settle. Can you take my life after MCO?” – is it like that?

I will not stop. Those who only dare to curse me on social media, are nothing. What is weird is that when we explain the truth, we are accused of being arrogant.

I am telling myself this. “I won’t stop because of FINAH AKHIR ZAMAN”


Several media then reported Nurul as challenging those who accused her of committing offences in breaking the MCO to take action by making police reports.

“Nobody is above the law. If there are any individuals who feel I had breached the MCO by meeting the minister and deputy minister on official matters, please come forward and make a police report. I am ready to cooperate. This is not a matter of politics or who has immunity. I dare because it is true!” her posting which replaced the deleted posting read.

Nurul Hidayah, however, did not and has yet to explain the relevance of her meeting with deputy minister Masrizal, whose portfolio was environmental affairs, has to do with LGBT or issues of apostasy.

However, screenshots of her controversial earlier posting had been making waves on social media, while also being shared by politicians, questioning Nurul Hidayah’s motives. Many also questioning what “official” role Nurul Hidayah held within the Perikatan Nasional government.

Pro-opposition platforms also questioned the authenticity of the facts, with the True Malaysia Facebook page posing the question: “If 9 out of 10 Muslims in Malaysia were apostates, does she also mean that 90% of Umno and PAS members were apostates?”

Lawyer Syahredzan Johan twitted a sarcastic remark to go with a Malaysiakini report on Nurul Hidayah’s challenge to those questioning her to lodge police reports, with a one-liner that read: “This is not the government that we voted for, but this is the government that we need.” Seemingly targeted at PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s recent public admission in which he stated,”I know this is not the government that you voted for, but this is a government that cares for you.”


Nurul Hidayah denies she deleted the controversial posting in which she claimed 9 out of 10 Muslims were apostates. STORY IN FOLLOWING LINK: