AMANAH president Mohamed Sabu has fired the first salvo at main adverseries in PAS with a cryptic message to his party members and leaders, seemingly laden with his usual touch of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.

Having been subject to continuous waves of attacks from the PAS cyber artillery over every matter pertaining to religious policies during the reign of Pakatan Harapan, Mohamed Sabu hinted at a launch of a campaign to push PAS to keep their promise of amending the controversial Act 355 or the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, regarding hudud laws.

Amendments to Act 355 had been at the forefront of PAS’ political narrative as opposition, more so since Abdul Hadi Awang ascended to the presidency following the death of the revered Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat in 2015.
The religious narrative that was by the Islamic party seemed to centre around the enforcement of hudud laws despite many scholars and political leaders suggesting the lack of conduciveness to permit its enforcement.

“From the 28th of April, all AMANAH members must get back to work amd strengthen the communications strategy. The people have to be reminded that the government today is not one that was mandated by them, but one that entered through the backdoor,” Mohamed said in a statement today.

Malaysia is currently in the third phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed to curb the spread of Covid 19, which will end on April 28.

“When the Pakatan Harapan government was in place prior to this, AMANAH leaders were constantly attacked, insulted and defamed, including labelled as hypocrites by an Islamic party on the issue of approval of the Bill 355 (on Syariah courts) in Parliament,” he added.

“However, currently, the same Islamic party which was attacking AMANAH, is in power despite it being through the back door.

“Thus, the duty to approve the Act 355 is now the responsibility of the Islamic party and it should be easier since they are now part of the government. To all AMANAH members, prepare your arguments for this heavier task beginning April 28.”

AMANAH had been subject to a wave of accusations by Abdul Hadi last month in his letter to Middle Eastern leaders, seen as an effort to reconcile and lobby support after PAS were criticised for their part in the Sheraton Move in February that saw the ousting of Pakatan Harapan through a controversial political coup.

Hadi has seemingly taken #StayAtHome advice under the MCO to the extremes, by even shying away from making public statements since his controversial Arabic letter was exposed.

In his letter, Hadi made controversial allegations that AMANAH of liberal Islamic views and that the party was formed by PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and DAP, which the party’s political bureau responded to in a detailed statement to the recipients of Hadi’s Arabic letter.

Hadi was recently appointed as Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s special envoy to the Middle East with ministerial status.

Mat Sabu’s message is also seen as a challenge to the portrayal of Pakatan Harapan apparently persisting with politics during the current Covid 19 crisis.

Such narratives were being pushed while in the background a rush of political appointments of MPs to chairmanships of GLCs were being made. Hadi’s appointment as envoy was followed by the similar appointment of Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing as special envoy to China.

The array of terminations of key people in GLCs and government agencies, then the reluctance of Muhyiddin’s regime to convene a proper parliament sitting to debate crisis expenditure of public funds and non-partisan efforts to battle Covid 19, in fear of a no confidence vote, simply have emblazoned politicking on the Perikatan Nasional banner.

Earlier, Mohamed had commended AMANAH members and leaders for their commitment towards the battle against the Covid 19 pandemic and their adherence to the guidelines and MCO.


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