IF embattled Health Minister Adham Baba thought he could heave a sigh of relief, having corrected his much ridiculed statement about having video conferences 500 nations on Saturday, he might have even more explaining to do in order to come clean.

Adham was reported to have clarified the air yesterday, stating that he has misspoken in telling Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that he had been involved in video conferencing with 500 nations engaged with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Adham explained that he had meant 500 participants and not 500 nations.

Immediately, Adham’s supporters began sharing screen captures of the purported video conference, which showed 538 participants. – (For the record, video conferencing app Zoom only allocates a hosting of a maximum of 500 participants by purchasing its “large meeting” add-on)

The allegedly doctored screen capture shared by many supporters.

However, netizens also soon discovered what is believed to be the actual screen capture, which was shared on the Health Ministry’s official Facebook page, which showed 338 participants, with exactly the same images of participants.

What is believed to be the actual screen capture that appeared on the Health Ministry’s official Facebook page.

It is not really understood why the image had to be doctored and why Adham allowed himself to be dragged deeper into the mess by overzealous supporters.

And netizens served them a further wake up call.

It was then discovered that the now infamous Adham fanpage, Friends of Adham Baba, which gained fame after one of their postings “jacking up” Adham was allegedly ordered to be posted on the Health Ministry’s official page by one of his aides, had shared a posting of a similar tone from a fake Facebook account of the Dutch Muslim former member of parliament Joram van Klaveren.

van Klaveren has himself pinned a tweet on his only social media account – Twitter – notifying the public that he did not have Facebook or Instagram accounts and those using his name on those platforms were fake accounts, even sharing a screenshot of the exact page which carried a posting heralding Malaysia in its success in battling the Covid 19 pandemic.

Joram van Klaveren’s pinned tweet notifying the public of the fake Facebook account using his name.
Screenshot of the posting which spread the posting from the fake account using van Klaveren’s name. Some netizens have also raised the question of whether some Malaysians had anything to do with the fake van Klaveren account.

Netizen Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajuddin, who shared the discovery, said: “The moment I saw a misspelling (“pendamic” instead of pandemic) in the first sentence, I knew it was a fake account right away! I have yet to talk about tonnes of grammatical errors in such a short paragraph,” he said.

Another netizen,

Another netizen, US-based Iqbal sahred the discovery of the doctored numbers of participants on twitter, screenshots of which went viral today.

Adham is embroiled in a string of controversies both via his statements, most infamous being the myth about warm water killing coronavirus which made global headlines, and the actions of his overzealous supporters.

It remains to be seen what lies ahead for the Health Minister stuck in his own crisis within the Covid 19 crisis.


The Friends of Adham Baba Facebook page have issued an admission that they had aired the posting from the fake Joram van Klaveren account.

Note : For your information this article has been corrected and the statement purportedly from Dutch member of parliament by the name of Joram van Klavere has been reviewed and was not from his official account.

We wish to thank netizens for their concern in verifying the actual facts. Thanks to all for the support and we have re-edited this article after reviewing the verifications made.

Thank you