HOUSING and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin has become the latest Perikatan Nasional cabinet member to be lambasted over over a senseless statement.

In a television talkshow yesterday, Zuraida’s statement about how the coronavirus infects humans is yet to be known, has been making its rounds on social media as netizens again raised eyebrows over a Cabinet minister’s comments.

“Her statement on TV3’s Soal Jawab programme is a display of her ignorance about the spread of Covid 19,” said Perak PKR chief Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak.

Farhash Wafa Salvador

“The World Health Organisation and the Health Ministry have very clearly and consistently notified us of how Covid 19 is spread.

“Coronavirus is known to spread through inhalation and absorption. It spreads from human to human within a 1.8 metre radius through body fluid formed through cough or sneezing.

“This is why we have the Movement Control Order (MCO) is in place to avoid situations where those who are positive of the virus risks infecting others who are within the radius. And people are being told to wear face masks, gloves and sanitise. Does Zuraida think all these measures are in place because we don’t know how the virus infects humans?

“If Zuraida still does not understand how to deal with Covid 19, I suggest she just stays at home in order to not aggravate the situation,” said Farhash.

Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist at the ParkCity Medical Centre Dr Salehuddin Samsudin urged politicians to base their statements on facts and evidence and not worsen the situation with the world already struggling to cope with the Covid 19 pandemic.

“We have seen countries like the US being misled by politicians who not only show disregard for scientific evidence but proud of their scientific illiteracy,” said Dr Salehuddin.
“These countries are going through a catastrophic slaughter.
It is irresponsible for Ministers to disregard scientific advice and confuse the public with vague or misleading information about COVID-19. They should speak with facts or remain silent,” he added.

Dr Salehuddin Samsudin
Zuraida in TV3’s Soal Jawab talkshow yesterday
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