IN the past month, as Health Minister Adham Baba hogged the limelight with his now world famous statement on warm water killing the coronavirus, netizens began to question where his two deputies were.

While Health Ministry director general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has stepped up to the plate as the nation’s go-to voice on Covid 19 matters, earning international accolades in the process, it went largely unnoticed that under Adham were two deputies.

Deputy Health Minister I Noor Azmi Ghazali and Deputy Minister II Aaron Ago Dagang have largely been seen to be literally adhering to the #StayAtHome directive, as Noor Hisham basked in the glory, while Adham tried to make the best out of being there or thereabouts.

Not to be outdone, Noor Azmi entered the fray yesterday with a Facebook posting of his visit to the Maahad Tahfiz d Lenggong, run by Semanggol assemblyman Razman Zakaria.

Complete with pictures of a lunch gathering, in total breach of the Movement Control Order (MCO) restrictions on such gatherings imposed by the government, namely Noor Azmi’s own ministry, the pictures immediately went viral as netizens blasted the deputy minister over such hypocrisy.

Noor Azmi’s posting on his page, which he later deleted after being on the receiving end of much heat from netizens.

Noor Azmi aptly deleted the posting, but the online debate continued as netizens questioned his total disregard for the high risks considering his position as deputy minister of health, not withstanding the fact that such religious schools have contributed to several Covid 19 outbreak clusters.

Besides the evident economic impact, there is growing concern among the public over double standards in practice by government officials and VIPs, who are continuously displaying their disregard for the guidelines and precautions, particularly those concerning gatherings and non-essential visits. All while regular citizens are being arresting for flouting these exact regulations.

Complete with the usual political party logo on aid packages.