HEALTH Minister Adham Baba’s niece appears to have stepped up in defence of her much criticised uncle, to explain how it is him and not Health Department director general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, who deserves credit over the containment of the Covid19 pandemic.

In a lengthy explanation, screenshots of which are going viral through Whatsapp, Hairin Anisa Tajuddin fired back at those who criticised Adham over the various issues faced by frontliners and the operations in the battle against Covid19.

On questions over why it was Dr Noor Hisham and not the minister who was tasked with holding the daily press conferences to provide updates on the pandemic, she urged the people to understand the organisational structure of the Health Ministry.

“Lately I feel disgusted at the unprofessional attitude of health staff (mainly doctors) and doctors who are cybertroopers for PH (Pakatan Harapan). They insult YBMK (the Health Minister) and glorify the DG (Noor Hisham) as though the DG is the leader in MOH. It is like these people have never been part of an association and are not professional,” she wrote.

She went on to explain the functions of a president in an association, who had unit head as his subordinates, who were delegated tasks by the president.

The president, she said would chair meetings and decisions would have to be approved by him, including expenditure, further explaining that the president carried the heaviest responsibility to ensure the smoothness of the entire operation. She included several infographics to explain the workflow.

She explained that the DG was tasked with holding the press conferences as he was only the head of that operation, while the minister was tasked with the entire operations and chided those thought the DG headed everything.

Hairin Anisa provided an example whereby Noor Hisham had announced that the supply of PPEs (personal protective equipment) was sufficient, while she herself was fed up of listening to those answers.

“I myself with NGOs saw there was an issue with the incorrect distribution of PPEs across the country. I myself messaged YBMK (Adham) and asked him to check on it and correct this issue, with many pictures to prove it,” she wrote.

“Alhamdulillah, for sure YBMK issued orders to the DG to ensure that the distribution of the PPEs was done fairly.”

She questioned whether the DG would have taken such action if not for orders issued by the minister.

“Then the doctors who support PH and hate YBMK started defending the DG and heaped him with high praise as if he did the best since this pandemic happened,” she wrote.

She explained that the minister has been saddled with work at his office, with many meetings lined up, be it with other ministers or to lobby companies for donations, video conferences with the WHO (World Health Organisation) and ministers of other countries, as well as official visits all over the country.

Her lengthy explanation included revelations that Adham had chaired meetings with the WHO, while Noor Hisham only sat beside him and just followed orders.

As such, she called for people to stop glorifying Noor Hisham as the hero and to stop resentment towards Adham.

“Doctors too, the YBMK is your big boss. One day if you need something, the YBMK will be the one who makes the decision to settle your problems. All decisions in the organisation are under the orders of the president or minister. YBMK takes care of your welfare.. but you betrayed him. You pretend not to see the huge task he has,” she wrote.

Adham, who had been the subject of criticism not just locally, but in foreign news channels over his statement and demonstration on television that drinking warm water could help kill the coronavirus infesting the throat by washing it down to be destroyed by bowel acids, seems to have been misunderstood by the majority of netizens.

It is understood that Hairin Anisa has since, deleted this posting, but this should be a reminder to all those who have “wrongly” ridiculed Adham. The full screenshots of the posting are below.

It is also understood, Hairin Anisa, also a doctor, has been very vocal in voicing out the lack of enforcement of social distancing in supermarkets in Johor Baru, which had put the Johor police in a spot, forcing new Johor police chief Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay to spring into action,, after she exposed everything through live video on her Facebook page.

As per video below.