THE controversial Health Ministry official Facebook posting of propaganda championing its minister Adham Baba has resulted in more findings displayed online.

And if Adham’s team thought the backlash over the propaganda piece aired on the KKM Facebook page wasn’t harsh enough, exposed Whatsapp group messages linking his newly minted chief private secretary Sharil Abdullah to that posting should leave him with a lot of answering to do.

The Minister, who just two weeks ago made global headlines with his infamous “cure” for Covid 19 – by drinking warm water to flush the virus down the system to be destroyed by abdominal acids – just keeps finding himself in a fix consistently.

The leaked Whatsapp group screenshot that exposed orders given by Health Minister Adham Baba’s chief private secretary Shahril Abdullah.

IT was also discovered Sharil, who had been appointed to Adham’s office on March 20, is also the twin brother of Paya Besar MP and Deputy Finance Minister II Shahar Abdullah.

Sharil and Shahar. Can you guess which is which?

Screenshots of the KKM Facebook posting went viral on Monday night as netizens vented their anger at the ministry for getting involved in political gamesmanship when citizens had been monitoring their social media pages for updates on the nation’s battle with Covid 19.

The embattled Adham is evidently overshadowed by the ministry’s director general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah as the main voice addressing the nation on behalf of the government on Covid 19, and aptly so after his antics which should leave any boss unamused.

The screenshot of the posting that went viral on Monday night.

But he just seems to have magnetic powers when it comes to generating troll content for the consumption of a nation with much free time due to the Movement Control Order.

Adham made his entry to the “entertainment” scene with demonstration of how to properly put on a facemask.

Adham demonstrating the proper way to put on the facemask.

But then he allows himself to be capture on live TV, not adhering to his own guidelines!