EMBATTLED Health Minister Adham Baba appeared to have received some backing from the Health Ministry last night when their Facebook page, experiencing a hike in traffic as netizens await updates on the Covid 19 situation, posted some propaganda hailing the minister.

The posting apparently sourced from the “Friends of Adham Baba” page, which seemed to stoke the minister’s ego, or in simple language “polish his apples”.


“The Health Minister in the PN era does not talk much, doesn’t tell stories. On the first day he held office, he immediately blocked entry of tourists from Iran, Italy and Korea,” the posting read.

“Straight away pursued good relations with China with the Foreign Ministry to ensure supply of medical equipment to Malaysia.

But if a good minister can can think calmly and come up with smart policies for the health of his people, then his team would look smart.

“So, is it clear… just sharing some Sunday thoughts. We are grateful Malaysia has a minister and PM who are experienced. What is important is the “sense of urgency”. Not blurr.”

The post went up for about an hour last night before being removed following a backlash from netizens calling for the Ministry to stay clear of politicking.

It appeared as an effort to credit Adham after seemingly being overshadowed by the Health Ministry director general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah as the voice speaking on behalf of the government on Covid 19 matters.

It was aptly taken down by the page’s administrators.

Adham, who had already made global headlines following his statements that drinking warm water could kill the coronavirus, could ill afford another fiasco.