“Government that cares for you… (and its MPs too)

ABOUT a week ago Focus Malaysia reported that more Perikatan Nasional MPs would be offered plum chairmanships of government linked companies (GLCs) as Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin endeavours to strengthen his grip on power ahead of any eventualities when Parliament is finally convened.

A number of high profile sackings and resignations at GLCs seem to point towards this plan being in motion, although Pakatan Harapan leaders have assured Muhyiddin there will be no motion of confidence tabled when the Dewan Rakyat convenes.

Instead they call for the sitting to be expedited to validate the stimulus packages announced by the government and to consolidate non-partisan efforts in the face of the economic and health crisis forced upon the nation by Covid 19.

As the days went by, PAS began congratulating some of its MPs who had received appointments.

Yesterday, PAS secretary general Takiyuddin Hassan confirmed that all PAS MPs who were not appointed as ministers, deputy ministers or special envoys, would be handed charimanships of GLCs, stating that they were all qualified as they were members of parliament.

This contradicts PAS’ stand when Pakatan Harapan

PAS youth chief and Bachok MP Nik Mohamed Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz as chairman of KESEDAR.
PAS’ Dungun MP Wan Hassan Mohd Ramli is confirmed as the head of the National Water Services Commission or SPAN.

We received a list, which was spread over Whatsapp, of Umno and Bersatu MPs who were expected to helm GLCs.

Some of them seemed to be confirmed, such as Sabak Bernam MP Fasiah Mohd Fakeh’s appointment to chair the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO or Perkeso in BM), although Malaysiakini did report some compliance issues in this appointment.

Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub, the Machang MP and UMNO Kelantan comms chief, will be in charge of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board.

Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub’s appointment as MPOB chairman corresponded with the purported list, after former chairman Zakri Khir tendered his resignation.

Excerpts from the FocusM report here:

The Malaysian Reserve reported on April 3 that Dr Nungsari Radhi stepped down from Khazanah Research Institute. Nungsari is also Malaysian Aviation Commission executive chairman.

Other leadership changes include the termination of Datuk Noripah Kamso as Bank Rakyat chairman on April 3. Her contract was due to expire only in December this year.

On April 1, Malay Mail reported that Datuk Noor Farida Mohd Ariffin had been removed as Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) chairman. Her entire board was sacked, too. Noor Farida had been replaced by Datuk Nelson Renganathan, the chairman of Regent International School and former MIC Youth chief.

News portal Free Malaysia Today also reported today that Mohamad Nageeb Ahmad Abdul Wahab’s job as Felcra chairman was also hanging in the balance. – April 7, 2020

And yesterday,, reports surfaced about the potential of Pengerang MP Azalina Othman Said set to replace DAP’s Teluk Intan MP Nga Kor Ming as the deputy speaker of the Dewan Rakyat, also as stated in the list circulating via Whatsapp.

Among other interesting predictions set by the list is the number one sought after GLC post, that of the Petronas chairman, vacant following the resignation of Hassan Merican last month in the wake of Perikatan’s political coup, which the list alleges is to be filled by Gua Musang MP and Umno veteran Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah.

Among the high-profile appointments alleged by the circulating list is that of Arau MP Shahidan Kassim to head Felda Global Ventures (FGV), the international arm of the Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA), which itself is alleged to be set to be headed by Besut MP and former Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh.

Talk is that Umno stalwart and former Kedah Menteri Besar Mahdzir Khalid is set ot be the Telekom Malaysia chairman, and this also corresponds with the list of allegations circulating on Whatsapp.

Other allegations made by the list are that about Tanjung Karang MP Noh Omar to head shipping giant MISC, while the bigger allegation made is about UMNO deputy president Mohamad Hassan to head Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), seen more to consolidate Umno’s support, as Tok Mat is not an MP, but Rantau assemblyman.

Another allegation concerns Tabung Haji, the bodies mired by yet unresolved controversy, which is alleged set to be headed by Sabah Bersatu chief Hajiji Mohd Nor, the Sulaman assemblyman, who is another non-MP made part of the list of allegations.

Interestingly, these appointments are set to come after Muhyiddin announced the stimulus package for Covid 19, which included relief packages for citizens affected financially by the Movement Control Order (MCO), with the first phase of monetary aid disbursed last week.

“I know that this is not a government that you elected, but I want you to know that this is a government that cares about you,” Muhyiddin announced after detailing the length and breadth of the aid to be disbursed to the people, although the execution of the GLC power consolidation plan seems to have been executed with as much urgency.

With chairmanships running on monthly wages in the tens of thousands or more, Perikatan Nasional MPs have no reason to question how much more Muhyiddin cares about them either.