Minister deletes all TikTok Contest postings after getting an online roasting

Noraini’s promotional video of her TikTok Contest.

HIGHER Education Minister Dr Noraini Ahmad is believed to have deleted all TikTok-related postings from her social media accounts after getting hammered by netizens.

Noraini’s launch of the contest yesterday seemed promising after she kicked it off with a promo video of her making a video call to a pair of youngsters acting as her children, who were informed of the contest on the video-sharing social networking app TikTok.

It featured the current hit remix of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s ‘ke sana, ke sini’ announcement, but Noraini’s attempt at capturing the hearts of netizens fell flat and she was on the receiving end of an online roasting since yesterday.

“Air suam, Doraemon, kumbahan and now the TikTok Minister,” read one posting, in reference to the continuous stream of high profile blunders by ministers.

Noraini criticised over the timing of the entertainment-based idea, when her focus should have been on the welfare of students stuck in hostels at universities and institutions of higher learning across the country. Solutions were required both for their current situation during this Movement Control Order (MCO) and the resumption of their studies.

Others compared this to how the reaction from Noraini’s far right Malay-Muslim nationalist support base might have been had such an idea been concocted by a Pakatan Harapan minister when they were in power, when, as one netizen described tongue-in-cheek, “Islam was always under threat and Malays were apparently being discriminated against.”

“Very Islamic!,” said another.

Screen capture of Noraini’s Facebook posting before it was deleted.