PKR president Anwar Ibrahim last night revealed the possible link between Freemasonry and himself, as raised by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang in his controversial Arabic letter to Muslim leaders worldwide on March 22.

In expressing his disappointment of Hadi taking their political rivalry to the point of what he alleged to be slander, Anwar also urged the former’s followers to not follow their political leaders blindly to the point they are unable to think and evaluate facts.

“His decision to be with UMNO and Bersatu in the government, that is his choice. We may agree, we may not. That is a different matter. But the hostility should not go to the extent of slandering each other.

“What is the proof? He stated that I am part of the Freemasonry, in fact a leader of that movement. That was strange. If it came from a nobody, someone who spoke nonsense, someone without morals or religious education, it wouldn’t matter,” said Anwar.

Anwar said he had asked his staff to research based on Hadi’s “findings” and eventually discovered the root of his slander.

He revealed a document that showed someone by the name of “Anwar Ibrahim” listed as a leader of the Civil Service Lodge No. 143, listed as a lodge officer for the 201-2011 session.

“There,” Anwar pointed to the name on the list that stated ‘Brother Anwar Ibrahim’. “There’s their chance to attack me,” he said during a live session over his Facebook page last night.

“But now, let’s look at this ‘Anwar’ picture.”

ANWAR The Freemason (right)

The picture showed a rather plump man, likely of Middle Eastern ethnicity.

“Maybe Hadi thought that was how I looked in 2006,” said Anwar.

“Our next course of action, we will think of later. But I will write my answer to all the Muslim leaders who were the recipients of Hadi’s letter and this letter will be made public, so that people know it is slander,” said Anwar.

He then advised the supporters to not follow political leaders blindly to the point they were unable to think or evaluate facts and resort to slander.

“We can be in a Islamic party and be obedient to the leaders, But don’t become ‘yes men’ to the point that you can’t think and evaluate, to the point you slander political rivals,” he said.

A number of Pakatan Harapan leaders have voiced their anger at Hadi’s letter since it surfaced last week, just days after Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced the PAS president’s appointment as special envoy to the Middle East with minister’s status.

Hadi himself has yet to make any statements on the matter.

We carried an English translation of Hadi’s seven-page essay here: