BERSATU Youth (ARMADA) national communications chief Abu Hafiz Salleh Hudin has called on the PAS supreme headquarters to come clean over a the well-publicised letter said to be written in Arabic by its president Abdul Hadi Awang on March 22.

“The lengthy essay by Hadi is possibly an effort to deflect accusations of treachery and evil by the global Islamic movement to PAS and its president,” said Abu Hafiz.

“In a state of self-defense, the author has maliciously made false accusations and riddled it with false and deviant facts.”

This echoes Amanah communications chief Khalid Samad’s statement yesterday, that Hadi was simply trying to sought out legitimacy issues, after being questioned over PAS’ involvement in the Perikatan Nasional political coup by Muslim leaders across the world. That report is in the link below:

The Amanah response to Hadi’s much publicised letter.

Abu Hafiz also raised the question of the ill-intent towards PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, pointing out the very serious accusations made by the author about him being backed by foreign powers, including Zionists and freemasonry, as well as being an agent of anti-Islamists, should have been reported to authorities so that Anwar would be prosecuted and jailed.

It is worth noting that instead of proving Anwar has been involved in far more serious acts of treason, the efforts of his detractors have thus far been centred around pinning him down over far less serious alleged sexual assaults, the latest of which did not materialise.

“Old accusations against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as a foreign agent and Pakatan Harapan being anti-Malay Muslims is very disappointing.
If the author, also known as a ‘respected religious person’ has solid evidence, it would not be wrong to report it to the authorities and Anwar could easily be investigated, arrested and prosecuted before sentencing,” said Abu Hafiz.

“However, over time, they continue to play out that same script without having the courage to face him. In fact, a senior member of the author’s party, too, had been exposed by voice recording to have good relations and close cooperation with the CIA from the United States! Why the double-standard?” quipped Abu Hafiz, in relating the voice recording in which PAS youth chief Nik Mohd Abdul Nik Abdul Aziz is alleged to have admitted his cooperation with the CIA.

“What’s even more troubling is that after the Istana Negara refuted allegations of a UK-based newspaper portal calling the 8th Prime Minister’s appointment a ‘royal coup d’etat’, the author confidently ended the long-running Arabic letter confirming the government’s swap process, assisted or supported by the people, government officials, military, police and even the Sultans!

Abu Hafiz urged the PAS supreme council to respond to the letter, stating that the author too need not worry about upholding the facts and defending the “accepted truths” as he is now at the ‘pinnacle of national power.’

“The letter has yet to be confirmed or denied by the PAS supreme headquarters. Although Hadi used the letterhead of the PAS supreme headquarters, only PAS leader Ustaz Nasaruddin Tantawi, who is also the party’s Syura Council member, indirectly responded in his Facebook commentary with a hint that it was ‘genuine’ and personal,” said Abu Hafiz.

“The 7-page script in Arabic is believed to be aimed at international Muslim leaders who may have questioned PAS’s actions in the Sheraton Move to form a government by means of ‘tebuk atap’ (perforation of the roof) that resembled what happened to the legitimate Hamas government that won the Palestinian democratic elections in 2006 before being captured by Fatah with the support of the US and Israel.
The same is true of the Egyptian democratic government led by Dr. Mohamed Morsi in June 2012 before being brutally dropped by his own Defense Minister, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in July 2013.”

The front page of the seven-page Arabic letter.
Hadi is stated as signatory on the final page of the letter.
The full English translation of Hadi’s Arabic letter can be read here.


PAS vice president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah confirmed today (April 6) that Hadi was indeed the author of the Arabic letter, stating it was addressed to Muslim leaders across the world.

Mohd Amar also stated the letter was written in Hadi’s personal capacity.

Read the Malaysiakini report here: