WAS PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang battling to sustain credibility among Muslim leaders across the world after they questioned the motives behind his shifty political stand which eventually resulted in PAS being a key party to what is understood outside Malaysia as a political coup by Perikatan Nasional?

Amanah communication director Khalid Samad threw just this question in the air as he fired back at Hadi over the lengthy seven-page letter in Arabic dated March 22, in which the PAS leader seemed to be explaining himself in an effort to justify his party’s part in the plot.

“It is clear in the letter that Hadi was trying to misrepresent Malaysia’s political position. It is understood that Abdul Hadi’s misleading explanation was made after a number of leaders of the Islamic movement around the world questioned the legitimacy of PAS’s recent actions and political attitudes,” said Khalid in a statement issued a moment ago.

Khalid said Hadi, the newly minted Special Envoy to the Middle East with Minister’s status, also irresponsibly and purposely labeled the Pakatan Harapan component parties in bad terms in order to be viewed as an insult and an enemy of Islam.

“He claimed that PH was dominated by non-Muslims, under Communist and Christian influence and supported by the United States, Europe, Singapore, Zionists and the Freemason movement,” said Khalid, echoing the shock voiced by a number of analysts on their social media platforms after the letter surfaced.

In his letter, Hadi also described PKR president Anwar Ibrahim as a ‘dangerous pragmatic secular’, with bad personal and moral character. Anwar was also accused of leading a group that was against Islam and he was supported by the DAP as a Christian party.

The mind-boggling accusations did not stop there, as Hadi also stated in his letter that Amanah, formed by a splinter group that broke away from PAS after the passing of former leader the late Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, as a party that was formed by Anwar Ibrahim and DAP!

“He also called those with AMANAH a hasty and opportunistic group that had left PAS,” said Khalid.

“All these accusations were made to uphold Hadi’s argument and to convince the recipients of the letter that Pakatan Harapan was an enemy and a threat to Islam. Based on the superficial argument, Hadi tried to justify PAS’s actions in leading the effort to form the backdoor government,” said Khalid.

Besides that, Hadi also accused PH of an internal conspiracy to bring down former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who Hadi described as pro-Islam, to be replaced by anti-Islamists, which “forced PAS and its allies to take over the government”. Khalid described this Hadi claim as “simply an illusion.”

Hadi is yet to respond by issuing any statements after being lambasted across social media after the contents of his letter went viral yesterday..

“The Pakatan Harapan government stood with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s leadership and firmly defended Islam as a federal religion. The PH government also put the interests of Islam and Muslims at the forefront of the government’s agenda. Many reforms to strengthen the Islamic administration had been implemented within a short period of 22 months,” said Khalid.

“PAS is not able to bring a message of political Islam in a country where Malaysians of all races have chosen the way of racial and multi-ethnic political approach, and attacks them as being enemies to Islam and the Malays. This is a change in the political direction that Abdul Hadi brought to
in the struggle for PAS itself.

“Due to political changes and principles, PAS is also willing to defend and cooperate with UMNO which has been rejected by the majority of Malaysians as a result of scandals in embezzlement of public funds and rampant corruption. That coalition has been working for a long time, dating back to the 14th general election. It is nothing new as claimed in this letter,” said Khalid.


“Hadi has also been reckless and irresponsible by making accusations that there are countries and certain outsiders trying to intervene in Malaysian politics. This is a serious allegation that could undermine diplomatic relations between Malaysia and the countries involved.

“Amanah’s concern is that Abdul Hadi’s reckless and baseless accusations against these countries are at risk of increasing misunderstandings and thus undermining diplomatic relations between countries. Amanah calls on Malaysians to reject this political pattern of slander, hostility and sheepish hostility. Abdul Hadi’s attitude and behavior could be termed ‘gutter politics’ or the drainage politics no longer deserved to be entertained, let alone followed. Amanah calls on PAS members and leaders to leave PAS in public. PAS has strayed far from its Islamic struggle and is now Machievelli’s party that aims to legitimize its means. These include cheating, slandering, fighting sheep, racism and plundering the people’s money.”


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