MIND-BOGGLING to many, but this statement from PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has surfaced right upon his appointment as Middle East Envoy with Minister’s status by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

The statement, dated March 22, was a lengthy seven-page statement written in Arabic, allegedly aimed at the Muslim movement in the Middle East nations he is soon to engage with.

Friends of Harapan Jordan had translated the script into Bahasa Malaysia. We then translated that into English.

The global press, along with those who are non-Muslims, may want to take note of Hadi’s perspective on life, especially since his ascension to power in Malaysia and now jettisoned to the international stage as envoy to the Middle East.

Adapted from the translation to Bahasa Malaysia from Arabic by Friends of HARAPAN Jordan


Praise be to Allah, who has all power in his hand, and He is the All-Powerful in all things. Say: “O Lord of dominion, Thou givest the kingdom to whom Thou wilt, and Thou takest the kingdom from whom Thou wilt. Power over everything: Welcome and greetings to our great leader, leader and example of the Prophet Muhammad, who brought blessings and light, as well as to family members, His companions, and those who received guidance until the Day of Judgement.”

Malaysia has been fascinated by the plots left by the British colonialists on issues of thought, culture, politics, economy and society, which have been practiced by the government and its leaders on a regular basis, as well as against multiracial and religious communities. Although the Muslim community is a majority, their current situation has deteriorated, in terms of community structure and population planning, due to the narrowing of the current state of the Muslim community in dealing with non-Muslim communities.

The colonists had set the terms of independence, including having to accept citizenship for non-Bumiputeras entering the country as workers and laborers in cities, while the majority of Muslims lived in rural areas with limited infrastructure. The imported solutions were implemented and then forced upon the people in the form of ideologies of secularism which resulted in the inability of a powerful government to maintain the sovereignty of Muslims in their own country. Later, (the government needed to) face the challenges of government administration under the influence of other races in education and economy, and the government was plagued with issues of destruction, embezzelement, corruption and more.

Indeed, corruption, embezzelement, and mismanagement of state treasures have been widely debated by the media for decades in the country, not just during Najib Razak’s leadership session. It is the result of illnesses that have afflicted the previous government for so long that it has led to its weaknesses. It had become increasingly critical that it led to political strife between the thieving leaders among the indigenous people which led to the split of the Muslims due to the conflict within the government itself.

Then their political downfall made the country fall into a precarious situation in the recent General Elections with its decision in favor of a non-Muslim majority in the government (Pakatan Harapan) who had used Tun Mahathir, the former Prime Minister and an experienced politician, to bring down Najib Razak. He was used because of his advanced age and his weak party. They made him a stepping-stone towards taking the lead in politics irrespective of the composition of the Muslim majority in the country, which has increased by more than 69% over minorities of various races and religions, which further encouraged internal strife. In addition, there are also opportunities for interference by foreigners who are hostile to Islam and Muslims as is the case with other Muslim countries such as Arab countries.

After examining past experiences in the coalition from a positive and negative angle, PAS had taken a stand to form the Third Block without accepting or agreeing with Tun Mahathir’s invitation to join Pakatan Harapan to overthrow Najib Razak’s government and change the new government under his leadership after the previous government was overthrown. Likewise, without accepting or agreeing to Najib Razak’s invitation to his Barisan Nasional coalition under his leadership to defend the existing government that had led decades of dangerous opposition.

Reasons for our stand:

  1. Pakatan Harapan: Tun Mahathir’s party, the United Indigenous Party of Malaysia (BERSATU) which is a UMNO fragmentary party (the backbone of the ruling party) is a newly formed party, practically a weak party. Joining him is the party of Anwar Ibrahim (Parti Keadilan Rakyat, PKR) which is a pragmatic secular party comprising members of various races and also have ideological differences such as the Malay Muslim secular and also groups of non-Muslims from the Chinese and Indians, most of them being Christian. Also together is The Democratic Action Party (DAP), which has a predominantly Christian majority Chinese membership, a remnant of a banned communist party and liberal thinkers. Together with them are the liberal-secular Islam-oriented National Trust Party (AMANAH), formed by Anwar Ibrahim and DAP leaders to fight for PAS’s popularity especially among Muslims and to break their unity, by bringing together opposition groups including bringing in hasty and opportunistic groups that have left PAS. Behind this block are external support groups that benefit Anwar’s presence in the block.

Then after Pakatan Harapan succeeded in changing the government with their victory in the election, there was an internal attempt to nominate Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister by the DAP, PKR and AMANAH to oust Tun Mahathir, with the support of the United States, Europe, Singapore, Zionists and even Freemasons. Mahathir’s candidacy was purely against Najib’s use of his popularity but at the same time, they rejected Tun Mahathir’s hold on what he considered to be an overstatement, especially in his attempt to reject a reconciliation with the West and his views on issues of Palestine, Kashmir, Myanmar and Uighur. Pakatan Harapan finally won the last election. PAS had withdrawn from the alliance that it had been involved with from 1999 to 2012 due to the attitude of those who violate the agreement that is in line with PAS principles and objectives in serving Islam and Muslims.

  1. The UMNO, MCA and MIC (Barisan Nasional) government parties are working to defend the Najib Razak-led government that has brought and inherited damage from previous governments such as corruption, governance failures and more. PAS was with the block of these parties from 1973 to 1979. From this experience, PAS is aware of the disadvantages of the Barisan Nasional.

Based on PAS’s experiences in coalition with various parties, be it the government or the opposition, PAS had decided to set up a third block between Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional, which is also joined by small parties and supported by Islamic NGOs and national (using the name of Gagasan Sejahtera) who practice politics with the principles of co-operation for good and piety, not for evil and for hostility.

PAS has already participated in the 14th General Election in 2018 and won two states (Kelantan and Terengganu) with a two-thirds majority. While the majority of the seats in other states were won by some opposition parties. At the parliament level, PAS won 18 parliamentary seats, making PAS part of the opposition bloc in parliament and at the same time a government party in two states. Then the central government collapsed and lost all its power led by Najib Razak and his allies in the Barisan Nasional. Pakatan Harapan won and was given the mandate to form the government and the Cabinet Council led by Tun Mahathir. So now let’s touch on the developments that have taken place after this event.

Wrestling in the Federal Government

Pakatan Harapan, the party that nominated Tun Mahathir as Prime Minister through the support of the non-Muslim majority at the Federal Government, and appointed him Prime Minister on a provisional agreement that was merely verbal in a press release, had decided that Anwar Ibrahim will be appointed as Prime Minister after 2 years of government, without the consent of Tun Mahathir, in which he himself thinks the agreement does not bind any party either legally or by Syariah.

The Barisan Nasional (including the UMNO party within it) had won two states, and it was the opposition that won the most seats in the House of Representatives. Several parties from Sabah and Sarawak, predominantly Muslim, had declared themselves out of the Barisan Nasional and decided not to join the Federal Government. Later, several Sabah-based parties joined the parliamentary seat of Tun Mahathir. Likewise, some MPs from UMNO stepped down from the party and joined the ruling coalition to strengthen Tun Mahathir’s position in the Federal Government. Later, some parliamentarians from PKR led by Azmin Ali had split in full support of Tun Mahathir.

However, the number of Muslim MPs from both the Government and the Opposition had not reached a majority in Parliament (the House of Representatives) as a whole. Muslim intellectuals, bureaucrats, members of the military and police were alarmed after the entry of Non-Muslim and Muslim Liberal MPs into the new Government trying to undermine Islam, Muslims and Bumiputeras, in an attempt to amend the Constitution, the educational and tertiary systems, mass media and so on in politics and economics which had shocked Muslims and they saw the dangers of their situation.

Thus, PAS took the political step of cooperating (Taawun) peacefully. PAS has chosen relations with Tun Mahathir because of his nationalist attitude and his passion for defending Islam. And PAS rejected cooperation with Anwar Ibrahim’s group because of his uncertain character and morals and its dangerous pragmatic political stance. And together with Anwar Ibrahim, is a liberal Islamic faith, based on the support and stance of Western embassies that support him in terms of strategy, media and finance. We also rejected total foreign intervention, despite our meetings with these delegates who came to meet us to try to build a friendly face, especially the American delegation who invited PAS to join Pakatan Harapan and help Anwar Ibrahim overthrow Tun Mahathir.

We met with Tun Mahathir shortly after the General Election to understand the post-election dangerous situation. Then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, after discussing with us, sought to improve the position of Muslims from within the Government with the help of us, the Opposition, Islamic and Non-Members of Parliament – The moderate Muslims who cooperated with us in the face of their plans, some of which were to amend the Constitution and so on, which later led to fierce clashes, as extremists from the opposing Government parties were with Western support through Anwar Ibrahim who tried to oust Tun Mahathir from taking the leadership of the Government.

Thus, last year, PAS had convened a rally of the Unity of the Ummah to protest against any call for religious equality, but PAS did not reject tolerance between religion and its freedom. Based on PAS’s popularity among the people, nearly 2 million Muslims had joined the gathering.

PAS then began working with UMNO to form a unity of religious and national unity. Then this coalition created an alliance called Muafakat Nasional in the opposition bloc. Next, from the government, Bersatu was responsible for collecting Malay organizations in collaboration with student associations, professors, academics and thinkers, for organizing the Congress of Malay Dignity (Kongres Maruah Melayu) as a platform to review the current position of the Malay Muslims. The organizers of the Congress have given a special invitation to the Muafakat Nasional to attend the congress. Tun Mahathir as Prime Minister at the time was invited to deliver the opening speech at the Congress. Later, the Congress had passed a resolution which inter alia mentions the importance of unity among the Malay Muslim community to confront the current challenges while celebrating statehood rights of all races in the country.

Subsequently, PAS took a peaceful approach and avoided any form of demonstration. PAS sought an audience with His Excellency the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDP Agong) who leads the Council of Rulers and consists of the sultanates of each state based on their respective constitutional positions, to clarify dangerous situations and the country’s need to change the government through a democratic channel through parliament. PAS had also successfully mobilized Muslim MPs from Sabah and Sarawak as well as the non-Muslim Bumiputras to collect signatures (Statutory Declaration) among MPs by securing a majority of 133 out of a total of 222 MPs.

When we received the majority, we placed our confidence in Tun Mahathir to lead the new government after implementing a proposal to resign from the government and step out of the Cabinet to form a new government. Therefore, the YDP Agong had solicited oral declarations directly before him one by one from each member of parliament. Then there was a counter-movement of Pakatan Harapan in support of Tun Mahathir only to represent a form of deception by the Anwar Ibrahim, AMANAH and DAP groups. They had gone to meet Mahathir in the morning, weeping just as the Prophet Joseph’s brothers did upon throwing him into the well, to hand Mahathir the proposal of forming a unity government. Indeed this cunning strategy was to break the unity of the Muslims with the right words but what they required was a lie!

Later, PAS was invited to join the government under Mahathir’s leadership and we had been nominated to the Deputy Prime Minister’s seat and also appointed to serve in several ministries. All this had been done in secret. MPs were threatened with anti-corruption protests, abductions, and threats against all lawmakers were coming in exchange for support. Apparently, Tun Mahathir was deceived by this very cunning scheme. Later, he went to meet the YDP Agong with the signatures of all parliamentarians. However, some MPs had turned their backs on Tun Mahathir in support for Anwar Ibrahim.

A number of Muslim MPs stood up against this secret deception by nominating Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is Tun Mahathir’s second man in his party to be prime minister by giving the YDP Agong a list of parliamentarians backing their nomination, along with their signatures. After the YDP Agong met with all the leaders of each party to determine who had the most support, it became clear to the YDP Agong after carrying out and implementing every process through democracy and by constitution. Their move had failed despite the intervention of Western ambassadors and Freemasons and Zionist advisers.

Then, a new government cabinet was formed, led by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin under the name of Perikatan Nasional (National Alliance), predominantly Muslim. The coalition comprises several component parties namely UMNO, PAS, UN, GPS, some PKR leaders, MCA, MIC and component parties from Sabah and Sarawak.

Later, the Cabinet Council was formed without involving the individuals who are still facing charges in court. This was done to win the trust of the people. This is what Islah is meant to be, peaceful without any demonstrations, with the support of the people, government officials, the army, the police, and the Council of Kings.

All praise to the Lord God of the Worlds.

He who loves you,
Abdul Hadi Awang |
President, Islamic Party of Malaysia (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia)
27 Rejab 1441/22 March 2020