MCO thus far – compilation

Following is a review videos and some images we have managed to compile thus far during the first two phases of the Covid 19 Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, which began on March 18.

Wish we could do more despite the limitations of the MCO and a non-accredited digital platform.

Streetview video on the second day of the MCO.
Catch the joke with the cows at the end!

On March 21, the fourth day of the MCO, we decided to carry a message to parents, seeing the frequency of videos surfacing on social media, showing parents still bringing their children out to playgrounds.

We got the perfect specialist in ParkCity Medical Centre’s Dr Salehuddin Samsudin to speak on the dangers of exposing children, especially younger ones to Covid 19. Following are the videos of Dr Salehuddin sending out the message in English and then in Bahasa Malaysia.



Then we put together a simple experience of groceries shopping under the MCO at the Fresh Boulevard in Taman Subang Permai.

Then came the continuous calls for attention to the plight of the poor, marginalised, disabled, elderly, homeless and the growing number of newly unemployed.

We tried and tried to find some NGO who would open the doors and allow us to see for ourselves the gravity of the situation and finally after some persuasion, Kampung Tunku assemblywoman YB Lim Yi Wei granted us permission to follow her team’s aid mission. Of course with all the necessary safety precautions and SOPs in place.

It was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

On that same day, senior minister (defence) Ismail Sabri Yaakob issued the government’s directive for all NGOs and related bodies engaged in aid operations to serve the poor to halt their activities and hand over their aid items to the Welfare Department, who would then distribute the items.

We carried Yi Wei’s response to this.

Then, a day before the government finally realised what a big mistake their had made with the stop-aid directive that had put thousands of vulnerable people at risk and going hungry, we carried this impassioned message by Ras Adiba Radzi highlighting just how bad the situation was getting for the poor.

On a brighter note, with everyone stuck at home, it was becoming hard to raise productivity levels.

So, we found paracycling national head coach Johari Nayan who had used his time stuck at home to complete this project – a stationary ergo trainer. The next time the country comes under a MCO, you would want one of these parked at home.

Deserted petrol stations despite the sliding cost of fuel.
Some of the unsung heroes during the MCO – the food delivery riders.
Takeaway only at all eateries.