WOMEN’S, Family and Community Development Minister Rina Harun must have gone through a whirlwind of emotions best described as a rough ride through the Doraemon time machine.

The only difference being there’s no turning back time for her at the end of the journey.

Rina is unlikely to be transferred to the Foreign Affairs Ministry at the moment.

It started off with her ministry offering an apology over an infographic offering tips to women in handling their husbands while at home during the Covid 19 Movement Control Order (MCO), which included the need to wear make-up at home and speak to their husbands in the tone of the Japanese male cartoon character Doraemon.

That did earn Rina global fame as news outlets from Australia, across the vast Pacific to the United States and over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, picked up the fancy piece of digital art.

However, judging from the facial expressions of several TV presenters tasked with conveying the tip to their audiences, none seemed impressed.

She then began the morning with some positive news, with a press statement that provided relief to the poor, marginalised, disabled, elderly with mobility issues, the unemployed, including the growing number of newly unemployed – basically the vulnerable in this time of crisis.

The government directive for NGOs involved in delivering life-saving aid to the vulnerable to stop and hand over their aid items to the Welfare Department was rescinded and they were allowed to do so upon registering with the Welfare Department.

Some standard operating procedures or SOPs were stipulated in the statement, as if to accuse the NGOs of not taking the required safety precautions when they did deliver aid prior to the directive.

This included the requirement to maintain sanitary conditions within one’s self, to wear face masks and gloves at all times and only two representatives per NGO was allowed to carry out the operations in one are, accompanied by one member of RELA or civil defence personnel. And before they do that, these NGOs are required to register with the stated authority.

And yes, Rina was actually the signatory of that statement, as shown in the picture below.

Note Rina Harun’s name as the signatory of the circular.

But that statement was the only glitch in the otherwise consistent flow of amusement for the public coming out of the Women’s, Family and Community Development Ministry.

They swiftly made up for it with another infographic.

This time one advising women to occupy their time at home during this MCO period by ensuring their toilets are always clean, with “mops lantai” and “flash tandas” the key focus of the communique.

We seriously appreciate Rina going to work and putting herself at risk while keeping us entertained at home.