MCO: How productive have you been? This coach produced an ergo trainer.

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MALAYSIA’s paracycling national head coach Johari Nayan had long dreamed of developing his own ergo trainer to help with the development of cyclists and while the Movement Control Order (MCO) currently in place has left many whining, it gave him the chance to achieve this dream.

Having worked with one of his former riders, the Indonesian legend Tonton Susanto, who preached the efficiency of utilising the ergo trainer as part of his training regime, Johari was led to a welder in Indonesia who would build his prototype frame.

The frame complete in September last year, Johari just could’t find the time to complete the project, having been busy with the national paracycling squad’s Paralympic qualification bid in which they gained an historic three slots, although the Paralympics in Tokyo, just like the Olympics, has now been postponed to next year due to the global Covid 19 pandemic.

After the Covid 19 outbreak forced the Malaysian government to enforce the Movement Control Order (MCO) from March 18, which the National Sports Council (NSC) in turn instructed all athletes and coaches to adhere to, Johari saw this as the opportunity to complete his long overdue project.

Within the 14 days of the first phase of the MCO, Johari had mixed and matched a setup of single-speed chain and chainring to the crank-shaft, with a secondary drive-train featuring an old-fashioned down-tube shifter with a 7-speed mountain bike rear derailleur, with a 26 inch rear wheel also from the mountain bike realm.

A drop bar matched with a clip-on aero bar made up the cockpit, with saddle-height coming with a locking mechanism similar to a road bike.

All of that completed with a simple set of platform pedals and Johari’s saddle taken from his road bike collection, all mounted on a steel frame that weighed no more than 15kg in total.

“This is the basic set-up, which can be built according to size just like your road or mountain bike. This one is a size M, which is my size,” said Johari.

The base (affordable) setup on the LeTua Ergo Bike statonary trainer.

The LeTua Ergo Bike’s steel frame holds it in position and is surprisingly very sturdy, even Johari’s 97kg frame under a sprint effort as he demonstrated, did not seem to cause any vibration or displacement as the bike stood its ground as the fanned spokes blew a heavy gust of wind into the curtains at his home. (watch demo in video above)

Having completed the prototype and testing, Johari said he primarily thought of the idea to help with development of cyclists in the country.

“This can be used both to train juniors to high performance athletes. I initially wanted to build this to train the athletes under me, but it can be used by anyone, from cyclists to triathletes to those preparing for IronMan,” said Johari.

In its base setup, Johari said the bike will be sold for between RM1,200 and RM1,500.

“Of course, just like a road bike, you can pick and choose what components you want. You can ad a powermeter or higher end cranks or gearing. But of course that would add to the price,” he said.

“After this MCO is lifted, if anyone is interested, they can contact me (contact in the description of the video above). “