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While sportswriters scour the bottom of the pile scraping every the barrel for every bit of content as the Covid19 pandemic wrecked an entire sporting season, bringing it to a standstill, some envy their colleagues at the political desk, who by now have been overworked with scandal and controversy galore.

Fret not, our sportswriter friends, as we are here to provide for you and here is something for you to seek answers to – the state of the Shah Alam Stadium roof.

A roof that might ring a bell to the likes of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, who recently insisted the coup by Perikatan Nasional to wrest Putrajaya must not be regarded as a government entering through the back door, instead he described it as a government which entered through the “attap” of roof.

Well, watch the video and tell us if this is not a roof fit for an entire government!