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A sole supporter of PKR vice president Tian Chua appeared at the Jelajah Harapan public discourse session hosted by Batu MP P. Prabakaran last night and caused a stir.

The man, clad in a PKR party shirt, interrupted Prabakaran during his speech, shouting accusations that the 24-year old, Malaysia’s youngest MP currently, had betrayed Tian Chua by choosing “not to be together” after he won the seat in the 14th general elections, contesting as an independent MP supported by PKR. Tian Chua, then the incumbent, had been disqualified from contesting on a technicality after he was found guilty in a court case and fined RM2,000.

Prabakaran had, since last year been pressured by the “Kartel” faction in PKR, which was loyal to the expelled former deputy president Azmin Ali and former vice president Zuraida Kamarudin, to vacate his seat to make way for a by-elections to be contested by Tian Chua.

Having joined PKR and pledged allegiance to party president Anwar Ibrahim, Prabakaran resisted and claims to have become victim of intimidation with his car being pelted with eggs, while he revealed last night that he was also being courted to be part of the backdoor government coup which saw 11 PKR MP’s join 20 Bersatu MPs in ditching the Pakatan Harapan government, causing its collapse and form a new coalition with the tainted Umno and PAS, resulting in a ruling regime dominated by far right Malay nationalists with Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin as president.

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