IN what seems like a new case of a bank account being in their name, but not actually belonging to them, the Malaysia Canoe Association at least look like they are taking preventive steps to disassociate themselves from the account unlike certain infamous cases currently making headlines.

THE comedy of affairs within the Malaysia Canoe Association (MASCA) has taken a more serious twist with several officials lodging simultaneous police reports against embattled president Megat D. Shahriman Zaharuddin, most significantly one alleging embezzlement of funds via an allegedly invalid account set up in the body’s name.

The first report was lodged by MASCA deputy president Wong Meng San at the Jalan Travers police station, where he alleges discrepancies related to transactions amounting to RM500,000 in the first six months of 2019 discovered in the association’s ledger presented by Megat D. Shahriman and treasurer Mohd Nadzrul Baharom to the executive committee.

In his report Wong alleged that the transactions were not related to MASCA and were personal in nature, while noting that under their constitution transactions of above RM500 required approval from the executive committee.

“None of these transactions were presented in the EXCO meetings and under the constitution it is clear that all funds in the association’s accounts are to be used solely for the development of canoeing,” Wong stated in his report, while also claiming that the funds via that account set-up by Megat D. Shahriman were controlled by Nadzrul, a personal assistant by the name of Mahaya Dahlan and himself.

“Other exco members and myself do not have access to the account despite the constitution stating that two signatories from among exco members are required,” Wong added in his report, urging police and related authorities to investigate the matter citing allegations of misconduct and embezzlement of funds.

Wong stated in his report that Megat D. had claimed, when questioned by the exco, that he did not need to explain since the money was his.

Megat D. Shahriman, in a press statement on January 29, had stated that he had not committed any offence and was clear about his conduct as president, while stating he also had no problem vacating his post.
He is also president of the Malaysian Paralympic Council (MPC) and the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA).

The first of two other reports, made at the Sentul police station yesterday by Kuala Lumpur Canoe Association president Raja Shahrul Azremel Raja Sahar is to counter a report made by Megat D. himself in which he alleges Raja Shahrul to have taken four units of CPS-branded plastic kayaks from MASCA for his personal use.

Raja Shahrul stated in his report that MASCA had received 50 units of the kayaks, to be distributed to state associations for use in development of the sport and its Kuala Lumpur affiliate had received four units of the said kayaks. He also stated that the letters on the matter issued by Megat D. had never been presented to the exco for approval and was done on his personal account.

Raja Shahrul alleged that accusations by Megat D. against Masca disciplinary committee chairman Liang Song Peng had kept the kayaks without permission. He requested a police investigation into the matter, citing slanderous claims made by the accuser.

Liang made two reports at the Muar police station yesterday, the first to clarify that the 50 kayaks were received as sponsorship and had been audited and approved in the association’s 2018 annual general meeting and that the kayaks were not purchased from his company but instead were sponsored items.

In his second report, Liang clarified that the kayaks had been distributed to the Johor, Terengganu, Kedah, Melaka, Perlis, Penang and Kuala Lumpur canoe associations and none were being kept in his custody as alleged by Megat D. in his police report.
Liang, similar to Raja Shahrul, requested a police investigation into the matters stated, also citing slanderous claims made by the accuser.

Megat D. in a statement on January 29 following a petition by the Masca council to the Sports Commissioner’s Office citing a vote of no confidence against the president, was reported by the NST stating the following:
Shahriman said the action of certain parties who sent a petition of no confidence against him to the Sports Commissioners Office (SCO) recently — in which several allegations were made — was intended to tarnish his reputation.

“I can assure that I did not take any money from Masca for my personal use or made any dubious transactions. I have no problem if anybody wants to take a close look at the Masca accounts,” said Shahriman, in a statement released to the media today.

“It is clear that my efforts to develop the sport have been in vain. I can resign at any time. I know I’ve been working for the athletes and the association.”