Possibly the reason behind Megat D. Shahriman Zaharuddin’s sudden announcement on January 20 that he was ready to relieve himself of the MASCA presidency.
There certainly seems to be more to it than had met the eye then, as prolific sports association presidency collector faces virtually unanimous vote of no confidence.

THE entire nine-man executive committee and eight out of 13 affiliates of the Malaysia Canoe Association (Masca) have filed a no confidence motion to the Sports Commissioner’s Office against president Megat D. Shahriman Zaharuddin, including a petition of no further cooperation towards his stewardship of the association.

In two letters to Sports Commissioner Dr Wirdati Mohd Radzi dated January 15 and 16, first the eight affiliates canoe associations of Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Pahang, Perlis, Penang, Sabah and Terengganu issued signed their no confidence motion.
The next day the nine exco members reissued theirs, following up on an initial vote of no confidence first signed on Aug 19.

The nine executive committee members are deputy president Datuk Wong Meng San, vice presidents Raja Shahrul Azremel Raja Sahar and Dr Jaffry Zakaria, as well as committee members Mohd Sani Ahmad, Abd Muttalib Ab Malek, Norrasidah Nordin, Rahim Bakar, Liang Song Peng and Nur Syazwan Kenny Yusoff. The last two are appointed committee members.

Both letters state seven grievous issues in Megat D. Shariman’s administration that led to the unanimous vote of no confidence by the nine-member executive committee and the eight affiliates.

The seven grouses are:

  1. Upon the resignation of Masca’s treasurer on 19 May, 2019, Megat D. Shahriman had appointed his cousin Mohd Nadzrul Baharom into the post and the pair had allegedly controlled the association’s bank account and expenses without consulting the executive committee.
  2. Megat D. Shahriman had nominated himself as candidate for the presidency of the Malaysian Paralympic Council (MPC) without the agreement of the executive committee.
  3. Upon the resignation of the honorary secretary on 22 July, 2019, the post was not officially filled. Instead, Megat D. Shariman utilised a proxy to carry out duties related to the post, again without the approval of the executive committee.
  4. In August, 2019, nine executive committee members had already signed a letter of no confidence against the president.
  5. Megat D. Shariman was alleged to have attempted to stop the traditional boat race (TBR) team from participating in the Sea Games in Manila in November. (It had been reported that initially Megat D. Shariman had selected himself to be on the team as a drum beater).
  6. In September 2019, Megat D. Shahriman had ordered the executive secretary to take leave from duties without the consent of the executive committee.
  7. Mismanagement of the MASCA accounts, whereby Megat D. Shahriman is alleged to have utilised the finances as if it was a sole proprietorship, with questionable expense statements and transactions without the approval of the executive committee, while accounts had never been tabled in any of the association’s meetings.

The executive committee members and the eight affiliates have urged the Sports Commissioner to initiate action under Sections 576 and A1570 of the Sports Development Act 1997.
All 17 signatories to the two letters had also notified Dr Wirdati that they would no longer offer any form of cooperation to Megat D. Shahriman while he occupies the presidency of MASCA.

Megat D. Shahriman had announced on Jan 20, that he was willing to leave his post at MASCA.

Megat D. Shahriman’s meteoric rise to the helm of sports administration, as of today, still includes his presidency of the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association and the Malaysian Paralympic Council. He was also an initial candidate contesting the presidency of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation in their AGM last year, but pulled out at the final hour.