Former cycling great M Kumaresan celebrates his 53rd birthday today.

FORMER cycling great M Kumaresan decked in golfing attire and updating followers of results of the Tropicana New Year Tournament at the Petaling Jaya golf course, had many wondering whether the long retired 1987 Sportsman of the Year was about to embark on a new career.

“Hahaha… No way that is going to happen. I’m too old. Not even as an amateur, let alone professional. I just enjoy playing in social tournaments,” said Kumaresan, who finished 15th out of 120 golfers in that tournament.

Kumaresan, who spent a few years as an event organiser, running a few community cycling events and notably contracted to the nationwide FIT Malaysia programme under the Youth and Sports Ministry until 2018, has spent the past year focused on other businesses.

Still among the highest achievers at Sea Games level, with 36 medals from the biennial regional multisports event throughout his 15-year career from the 80s to 2000, Kumaresan does not deny that he prefers golfing these days.

A 1988 picture of Kumaresan in his glory days. He was Malaysia’s Sportsman of the Year in 1987 – Credit: M Kumaresan Facebook

“You know why!” he left it at that.

“But golf? No. I can play in social tournaments. There’s no way at my age that I can dream of matching the youngsters. Golfing is like cycling, these days with development programmes for youngsters who are coming through and performing at a very high level,” said Kumaresan.

Nevertheless, there’s always room to improve, no matter at what age in anything you do.

Kumaresan celebrates his 53rd birthday today. Here’s wishing him many happy returns!